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Allyson Felix Sprints to 150m World Record at the Great City Games

Manchester, England – On Saturday, May 25th, Olympic gold medalist Allyson Felix won the 150m sprint at the Great City Games. Her time of  16.36 also set a new world record for the event. The competitors ran the 150m event on a straight track surface laid down on Deansgate, a major road in Manchester’s city centre.

Felix has admitted that she loves running outside the typical stadium environment. Her world record performance at the Great City Games on Saturday will only further reinforce that preference. While there had been some headwinds at the outdoor venue throughout the day, Felix’s 16.36 WR was recorded with a small tailwind of (+0.2 m/s).

The starting blocks were equipped with ReacTime False Start Detection and the finish was verified with results from the high-speed FinishLynx photo-finish cameras. The split times for Felix’s sprint are (50m: 6.16; 100m: 11.06; Flying 100 from 50m to 150m: 10.20).


See the video below to watch the race: