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Plugin: LapTime

The LapTime plug-in enables the FinishLynx software to generate competitor lap times from a FinishLynx image or compatible third-party device like a chronometer or chip timing system. Lap times can be recorded for each competitor and integrated with FinishLynx fully automatic timing results via the FinishLynx software.
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The LapTime plug-in stores times for every lap of a multi-lap race and outputs the split times alongside the FinishLynx results. The plug-in not only generates split times for each competitor, it also allows the software to maintain accurate lap-counts so operators don’t have to manually track each competitor.  LapTime data updates in real time and can be sent directly from FinishLynx to a scoreboard or a computer running ResulTV.

Lap time signals can be generated right from FinishLynx image captures or any number of compatible third-party devices connected to the FinishLynx results network (see settings below). The software can verify that the elapsed lap times for each competitor fall within a preset time spectrum; any irregular splits will be highlighted. Lap time data can also be printed with the results and saved directly to the FinishLynx .LIF file.

The LapTime plug-in offers two major enhancements to the FinishLynx software:

  • Proof of Pace/Laps. It can be difficult to monitor lap counts during long events. The LapTime plug-in provides “proof of pace” by automatically listing each athlete’s lap times during an event right in the software interface. Laps and split intervals can be configured so any irregular lap times will be highlighted in the interface.
  • Automatic Split Times. The split times generated using the LapTime plug-in provide valuable insight to fans, coaches, and athletes alike. Splits can be automatically sent to scoreboards, printed with the FinishLynx results, or used by announcers to enhance events.

The plug-in has many configurable variables: number of laps, number of splits per lap, number of lanes, etc. When used in conjunction with the FinishLynx Pace and Distance functions, the plug-in can display projected finish times for an event in progress. All lap data generated can also be displayed on compatible scoreboards throughout the venue.

The LapTime plug-in for FinishLynx is a valuable addition for anyone who captures long-distance or multi-lap events, including various Speed Skating, Velodrome Cycling, Athletics, Thoroughbred Racing, or Motor Sports races.

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