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New FinishLynx 10 Software & 20,000 fps Vision PRO Camera

Vision PRO Photo-finish sports timing camera
Vision PRO Camera

The Most Powerful Sports Timing Camera Ever Made

We’re excited to announce two new product releases: The EtherLynx Vision PRO camera and FinishLynx 10. The (5L600) Vision PRO combines all the user-friendly features of the Vision camera, with the speed and power of the EtherLynx PRO. The Vision PRO immediately replaces the older EtherLynx PRO (5L300) as the new standard for timing high-speed sporting events like horse and greyhound racing, cycling, and motorsports.

Capture Up To 20,000 Frames Per Second

Chengdu Vision Pro Horse Racing Photo-Finish
Vision PRO Capture

The Vision PRO is, without a doubt, the most powerful sports timing camera ever released. The Vision PRO comes standard with 3,000 fps, but can be upgraded to 6,000 or 20,000 fps.  It builds on key features introduced in 2015 with the Vision camera (like power-over-ethernet and LuxBoost), while adding increased frame rates (3k-20k) and image heights (up to 2048 pixels) making it ideal for timing high velocity finish lines. The camera includes support for features like:

New FinishLynx 10 Timing & Results Software

FinishLynx 10 contains support for a host of new features, including several new add-ons for the Vision and Vision PRO cameras. Some of the major features in version 10.0 include:

  • Double Mode & 20,000 fps captures
  • Auto LuxBoost for LuxBoost-enabled Vision cameras
  • Video Display Module upgrade (output scoreboard data & images via camera HDMI port)
  • Electronic Viewfinder upgrade (Align camera using external video viewfinder)
  • Find & Reboot Vision cameras directly from software
  • Digital Upgrade Codes allow some camera upgrades to be unlocked via download
  • Set Default Total Laps for use with LapTime devices
  • Backwards-Compatible with every FinishLynx camera ever released
NameFile Size
FinishLynx 10.01 Software3 MBDownload
Vision PRO Datasheet715 KBDownload

FinishLynx 10 Video Release Notes 

Learn More About the New Camera, Software, & Add-Ons

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