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Why aren’t the athlete names loading into FinishLynx events?

Be sure that the database is pointed to the folder where the meet management software is saving the files for your competition.

Open File | Options | Database. Confirm that the Input Directory and Output Directory are both pointing to the competition directory where the meet management software is saving the competition files. If not, click on Browse and point both of these to the correct directory. They should both be the same path.

You can also open the competition directory and confirm certain files are being written to the directory (lynx.evt; lynx.ppl). Once confirmed, try loading an event again. If it is still not working, see the Technical Support Guide on FinishLynx Networking with Meet Management (LynxPad or Hy-Tek).

Also, check out our Interfacing with Meet Management Software video playlist on our Support Videos page.

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