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What does the flashing light on the back of the camera indicate?

The boot light on the 5L300 (EtherLynx Pro), 5L400 (Fusion), and 5L2000 (EtherLynx 2000+) is the indicator of boot sequence. The boot  light will flash red at first, then quickly flash amber-colored as the camera is booting. If there is a problem with the communication, then the boot light will flash amber, but in a slower sequence – about every second.

Follow the instructions below to correct a communications problem:

  1. Check the static IP
  2. Check that the firewall is OFF
  3. Turn OFF any Anti-virus software
  4. DISABLE the Wireless card – this is not always necessary but a safe habit to keep
  5. Check that all cable connections are inserted all the way and secure

For Vision-series cameras, there is sometimes an orange blinking boot light which indicates the camera is waiting for connection from the computer. If this is the case, follow these steps.


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