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How do I export the video from IdentiLynx to post on the web?

FinishLynx can export the IdentiLynx (IDL) video as an .avi file. There are many new features added to the IDL functions so you may also want to read some of the release notes so that your IDL is used to its full potential.

View the PDF:[wpfilebase tag=file id=61 /]

Steps to export video:

  1. Do not click in the IDL image or you will select a single pixel to export on each frame
  2.  If you want a specific area to export, you can left-click and hold, then drag a box around the image area you want exported
  3. Using the player controls at the top left of the image box, bring it to your start frame and select First and then drag it to your end frame and select End
  4. Go to Image | Export video
  5. View your IDL video in one of the media players to make sure you get the desired quality

Read the Release Notes on IDL features and discover the ability to add images (company logos) to the video frames or add a time stamp to each frame so you have a running time on the images as you play back the video.

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What is the most current version of FinishLynx and should I upgrade?

The most current release version is always posted on our web site and free to download and install from the FinishLynx Software page.  Before you upgrade to a new version, open up your current version of FinishLynx and go to Help | About and write down your serial number.  You will need to enter it again when you install the upgrade.

It is wise to stay updated with the most current release version so you don’t miss out on any new features that may improve your events or service quality. FinishLynx releases are usually done around November and December, so check the web site before the Indoor Season begins and then take a little time to play with new features so you have time to ask questions without being under pressure of a competition.

“It is better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and not be prepared.” ~ Whitney M Young Jr.

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Why doesn’t the computer recognize the USB adapter (COM ports)?

Usually this is because the driver was not initially installed or an old driver was used when updating to a new operating system (OS). Confirm that you have the appropriate driver for your device and Windows OS and then install the driver. You may have to uninstall the old driver if it is installed on the computer.

You can find the current driver for the USB adapter we supply with FinishLynx packages on our web site (

Plug the device into a USB port after driver is installed and then let Windows recognize the device. Windows 7 OS will usually prompt with a bubble in the bottom right showing that the device installed successfully and display the COM port number assigned.

If you need to confirm the COM port number, this can be found in the Control Panel under Device Manager and listed under Ports.

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My USB adapter is installed, but the COM port isn’t listed in the dropdown.

COM port options are populated when FinishLynx is initially opened.  If the USB adapter is plugged in after FinishLynx is opened, then it will not appear. You must restart FinishLynx and the device will be listed as a COM port in the dropdown.

If the COM port still does not appear in the dropdown, check the Device Manager found in Control Panel and verify the USB adapter is listed and working properly. The COM port number should be listed beside it in parenthesis if it is working properly.

If the device is listed but has a small yield symbol next to it, there is a problem with the device or connection.

In this case, follow these steps:

  1. Plug the device into a different USB port
  2. Reinstall the driver for the USB adapter
  3. Plug in the USB adapter and let the Windows OS recognize the device (a pop-up window will display that the “device is installed and working properly”)

If the device is not listed in the Device Manager, then follow steps 2 and 3 above.

Another possible issue with the COM port listings in FinishLynx has developed due to changes in the technology. If the USB device is listed in Device Manager under Ports, then it is possible that a hidden setting may need to be changed in FinishLynx that was developed in version 8.5.

  1. Hold down Ctrl + Shift while in FinishLynx and go to File | Options
  2. A Hidden Settings window will open
  3. Click on the plus (+) sign next to SerialPort and select TypeMask
  4. Change the value to -1
  5. Close FinishLynx and restart to apply the new settings

+ \SerialPort\TypeMask now defaults to -1, which causes all types of COM ports to be listed.

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