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Upgrade Vision Cameras from Home with Instant Upgrade Codes

FinishLynx instant upgrade code screenshot
FinishLynx Instant Upgrade Codes

Version 10 of the FinishLynx sports timing software was released in November 2016 alongside the new high-end Vision PRO camera. Version 10+ brings many new features, one of which is the ability to upgrade camera firmware using special one-time redemption codes. We call this feature Instant Upgrades. Now many of the most popular camera upgrades can be enabled right from your computer.

When you purchase a compatible Vision upgrade, you will receive a digital code via email that can be redeemed immediately. Simply type the code inside FinishLynx to instantly activate the new add-on. You no longer need to ship your Vision camera back to the Lynx headquarters to enable features like LuxBoost, VDM, PLC, and other popular add-ons. Save time, save shipping costs, and save headaches with Instant Upgrades.

Simply update your FinishLynx software to version 10.01 or later to enable instant upgrades today. See the table below for a full list of compatible add-ons. 

Upgrade OptionPart Number5L500 Vision
5L600 Vision PRO
LuxBoost 45LLUX4Standard Feature
LuxBoost 85LLUX8
Frame Offset5LFO
Electronic Filter5LEFStandard Feature
Video Display Module*5LVDM
Electronic Viewfinder*5LEVF
Phased Light Compensation5LPLC
*Note: The VDM and EVF add-ons require use of the HDMI port on the camera back. As a result, only Vision cameras sold in November 2016 or later are compatible with these add-ons by default. If your Vision was purchased before November 2016, you can ship it back to Lynx for an HDMI hardware upgrade. This will enable compatibility with the VDM and EVF upgrades.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which camera add-ons are not compatible with Instant Upgrades?

Instant Upgrades are only compatible with specific add-ons for Vision-series cameras. At this time, you will still need to send your camera back to Lynx for the following upgrades: Timer-Enabled, High-Resolution, Internal Battery, Internal Level, and all frame rate upgrades (6k, 20k, etc.)

Is my Vision or Vision PRO camera compatible with Instant Upgrades?

Absolutely. Just download the latest version of the FinishLynx timing software (version 10.01 or later) to enable instant upgrades and several other new features. Read more about all the FinishLynx 10 features here.

Why is my older Vision (2014-15) not already compatible with EVF or VDM?

In November 2016 we updated the Vision camera’s HDMI port settings to ensure the reliability of HDMI-connected devices—this update is essential for the VDM and EVF plugins. If you are interested in using the HDMI port on a Vision camera sold before November 2016, you can ship it back to us for an update. Any Vision or Vision PRO camera sold between November 2016 and today is already compatible with these plugins.

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