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A Message from Our New General Manager: Scott Walton

September 2022 – I am excited to have joined the Lynx team which has had an incredible record for delivering best in class products and service to their customers. I look forward to continuing to work closely with each of our partners and I am committed to keeping our current relationships intact and will be exploring opportunities to expand our market moving forward. Support to our product line is vital to our success and I will challenge the Lynx team to field state of the art systems to meet our customer’s changing needs. Our current CEO, Ed Evansen, will remain involved through year-end and his responsibilities will be transitioned during this period. Doug DeAngelis, Owner and President, has agreed to continue on as a consultant after year-end and will support the business for the foreseeable future in a consulting capacity. I thank Ed and Doug for welcoming me to the team and assisting in a smooth transition. Please feel free to contact me should you be in need of assistance or have any questions.

Scott Walton
General Manager
Phone: 978.945.9224