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ForceLynx Ultimate Camera Barrier Upgrade

April 1, 2019 – Many will remember the releases of both the NerfLynx Finish Line Defense Mode (2014) and the TaserLynx High-Voltage Security add-on (2015). Each of these products (while effective) offer a form of camera protection that, in this day and age, could leave timers and camera operators liable for personal injury. While the thought of shocking pesky wandering parents or pelting rogue athletes with foam darts excited many Lynx users, we are now introducing a more humane solution to the on-going problem – ForceLynx.

April Fools - ForceLynx 2019

The ForceLynx Ultimate Camera Barrier is the latest in Lynx innovation striving to protect timing equipment from any form of interference by simply creating a ‘bubble’ around the area. People, pets, or flying objects will gently be bounced in another direction when in contact with the shield. The ForceLynx is currently compatible with all Lynx cameras, including the IdentiLynx full-frame cameras, which tend to be the most susceptible to getting knocked over by overzealous athletes. With an adjustable perimeter, the area of protection around each camera can be changed in accordance with setup conditions and restraints.

The ForceLynx shield does not interfere with Automatic Capture mode and all testing to date has not revealed any noticeable distortion of race images due to the added layer of protection. We hope to expand this excellent feature into a line of timing tents in the unforeseen future. Protect your equipment and yourselves by upgrading your cameras to include ForceLynx today!

April Fools! Thanks for your continued support and sense of humor! 

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