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Sports Timing Systems & Photo-Finish Camera Packages

Never Miss a Second of the Action.

Tired of letting the fate of nail-biting close finishes rest in your hands? Say goodbye to outdated equipment and human error and hello to photo-finish precision with FinishLynx sports timing packages.

Trusted worldwide by almost any sport with a finish line – including former Olympic venues – FinishLynx timing packages and fully automatic race timing systems ensure no split-second victory goes unnoticed.

From Horse Racing to Motorsports, our sales team can build custom photo-finish systems for every venue and budget. What are you waiting for? Step into the fast lane and deliver reliable, accurate results – every time.

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Photo-Finish Features

FinishLynx sports timing packages and fully automatic timing systems make every second count.

Capture High-Speed Images

All FinishLynx results are accurate to 1/1000th of a second or more, and the EtherLynx Vision PRO captures up to 20,000 fps.

Produce Certified Results

As a top choice of Olympic venues and major organizations like World Athletics, UCI, and FISA, FinishLynx captures certified FAT results.

Easy Capture

Secure and evaluate finish times from your computer with a single click of the mouse.

Integrate RFID Chips

Integrate RFID timing tags seamlessly inside the FinishLynx software for even faster results with numerous competitors.

Add Software Plugins

Enable wireless starts, connect multiple serial devices, capture multi-stage events and even auto-capture results with Software Plugins.

Join a Global Network

Connect with the worldwide FinishLynx community to exchange ideas, photos, support, or questions.

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About FinishLynx

Lynx timing systems first gained popularity as the most trusted provider of photo-finish cameras for Athletics (Track & Field) events. Now, we’re the leader in sports timing systems for nearly every race, everywhere.

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Race to Victory With Lynx

Make relying on outdated systems a thing of the past. Elevate your timing game with cutting-edge gear and let every finish speak for itself.

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