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NetExchange Field Event Server

NetExchange is a field event results server that allows FieldLynx and ClerkLynx devices to send database files to and from a meet management computer. The NetExchange server software acts as a network gateway between field event scoring devices and the primary meet management computer running LynxPad, HyTek, or another event manager. NetExchange allows the devices to connect via a wired or wireless (802.11b) connection so event scoring data can be transferred seamlessly from events throughout the infield.
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NetExchange has “seats” that can be purchased to allow multiple field event devices to transfer data simultaneously during events. That means field event administrators located throughout the infield can download, edit, and save athlete meet management and results data in real time. Once the NetExchange server network is in place, your field event devices (like netbook or tablets) can move across the venue and stay connected with scoreboards, databases, and other computers.

Please note: A valid serial number and hardware key are required to use the NetExchange Software. Contact us now for a quote.

NetExchange Software
NameFile Size
NetExchange Server Software 3.233 MBDownload
KEYLOK USB Driver6 MBDownload
[archived] NetExchange Server Software 3.222.8 MBDownload
[archived] NetExchange Server Software 3.212.8 MBDownload
NetExchange QSGs & Manuals
NameFile Size
QSG - NetExchangeDownload
NetExchange 3.23 Release Notes76 KBDownload
Product Version: 3.6.4