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RadioLynx Wireless Start

The RadioLynx Wireless Start System replaces the 500’ start cable and allows operators to move more freely about the track. The system transmits the start signal using a wireless transmitter and receiver and integrates seamlessly with FinishLynx. It is extremely accurate—with precision greater than ±0.4 thousandths of a second. And thanks to built-in redundancy transmission, the wireless signal is reliable even in the event of a severe disturbance.

The RadioLynx wireless start system consists of a wireless transmitter and a receiver. Each unit is about the size of a deck of cards, which makes them easily portable and accessible during events. And the wireless transmission means you no longer need to worry about “spiked” or tangled start cables inside your venue.

RadioLynx has a wireless range of approximately 2 kilometers and will transmit secure, time-stamped start signals accurate to ± 0.4 thousandths of a second. Because every signal is time-stamped, RadioLynx ensures flawless start signals even if a transmission encounters outside interference. In the event of interference, RadioLynx allows wireless start signals to be sent multiple times; signals can even be re-sent minutes—or even hours—later to ensure critical start data is never lost.

  • Provides operator with mobility throughout the venue.
  • Interfaces with FinishLynx software for transmission of start signals and photoeye breaks
  • Transmits up to 14 identified intermediate impulses or an unlimited number of unidentified intermediate times
  • Check battery status right from the display
  • Set different frequencies and transmission channels
  • Accurate to ± 0.4 thousandths of a second
  • Built in redundancy transmission code with error correction
  • “Lost” signals can be re-transmitted many times. even after long time lapses
  • All times are stored in on-board memory and can be transferred to a RACETIME2 or REI2 chronometer.

FinishLynx Software Integration

Each transmitter is capable of marking its own transmissions with a unique identifier, so that several transmitters can be connected to a single receiver. When RadioLynx is used with the RadioLynx plugin for FinishLynx, each transmitter can provide data separately.

The FinishLynx software can be configured to use each separate transmitter for different functions (starts or beam breaks). This means that beam breaks can be gathered from multiple locations, or from a single location at different times.

RadioLynx Datasheets
NameFile Size
RadioLynx Datasheet246.1 KBDownload
RadioLynx Quick-Start Guides
NameFile Size
QSG - RadioLynx Wireless Start Setup269.3 KBDownload
QSG - Internal RadioLynx Wireless Start Setup201.7 KBDownload
QSG - RadioLynx Wireless Start Troubleshooting Guide120.3 KBDownload
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