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Connection Box (C-Box)

The Connection Box is used to connect various external devices, such as start sensors, wind gauges, or photoeyes, to the EtherLynx cameras.
Sku: C-Box2   Category: Networking Hardware  Tags: c-box, connection, photoeye

The Connection Box is used to connect various external devices, such as start sensors, wind gauges, or photoeyes, to the EtherLynx cameras. The newer Connection Box retains all of the form and functionality of the original C-Box, while adding a second photoeye input for use with multiple photoeye configurations.

The connections include:

  1. Start Sensor Connection
  2. Ethernet Ports
  3. Serial Port
  4. Photoeye A & B Ports
  5. Camera Connection
  6. 12-Volt Power Connections
  7. Hub Selection Switch
Product Version: 3.4.3
Weight: 0.264 kg
Dimensions: 16.51 × 6.99 × 3.18 cm