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Plugin: Remote Control

The Remote Control plug-in for FinishLynx allows users to remotely control the FinishLynx software interface by sending commands through a serial port or TCP socket connection. This plug-in allows the FinishLynx software to be used as a slave to—or in conjunction with—another software program.
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The FinishLynx Remote Control plug-in (included in basic version of FinishLynx since version 10.11) will allow you to remotely control several FinishLynx functions by issuing commands from an outside application. The plug-in allows users remotely control the following software functions:

  • Printing results
  • Printing images
  • Exporting images
  • Drawing images
  • Creating starts
  • Exporting video
  • Opening events

The Remote Control plug-in can also be used in conjunction with the Network COM Port (NCP) plug-in to send commands between FinishLynx and any serial or Ethernet devices also connected to the network. This allows users to send commands via Telnet to a user-specified TCP port that is configured in the FinishLynx software.

Developer Note

An application that wishes to direct certain behavior or request certain actions within FinishLynx can do so by connecting to a predetermined serial port or TCP port that FinishLynx listens on. Once connected, an application can send data packets that specify an action FinishLynx is to perform. FinishLynx will send a successful reply to these data packets when the action is complete or will send an error reply if there is a problem. A “request packet” is a data packet sent to FinishLynx. A “reply packet” is a data packet sent from FinishLynx in response to a “request packet”. Request packets and reply packets consist of one or more name/value pairs separated by semicolons and optionally quoted.

Product Manuals
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Remote Control Plug-in Commands10.2 KBDownload
Product Version: 3.8.2