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Timer-Enabled Option Camera Upgrade

Adding the Timer-Enabled Option (5LTE) to an EtherLynx Camera allows for the capture of time-stamped photo-finish results. The Timer-Enabled upgrade can be added to any additional EtherLynx camera so it can then function as an independent, reverse-angle backup camera or primary capture device at alternate split or finish line location in the venue.

Any EtherLynx camera being used as a primary FinishLynx capture device must be equipped with the 5LTE Timing Option. EtherLynx cameras will still produce high-resolution photo finish images even without the Timer-Enabled option. But because the non-Timing images are not time-stamped, they can only be used as a visual backup for a primary, Timing-Enabled camera. We usually recommend that additional cameras be equipped with Timing, just in case.

Some users may buy an additional, non-timing EtherLynx camera that functions as a reverse-angle backup device. But often they will also add the 5LTE upgrade to any additional cameras so they can provide fully-redundant, reverse-angle backup results (in case of a last-minute power failure, network issue, or weather incident).  More importantly, any additional cameras equipped with the Timing-Enabled option can also function as primary capture devices at other splits or finish lines throughout the venue.

Product Version: 3.6.4