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High-Resolution Camera Upgrades

Lynx offers several High-Resolution Camera Upgrades for EtherLynx linescan cameras. Adding a High-Resolution option will increase a camera's maximum frame rate to 2,000 fps (5LHR), 5,000 fps (5L5K), or 10,000 fps (5L10K), depending on the  camera model and upgrade purchased. View the table below to see which High-Resolution options are available for each type of EtherLynx camera.

Use this table to see which High-Resolution upgrades are available for your model of EtherLynx camera(s).

High-Resolution Upgrade Compatible Cameras (Model #)
5LHR – Upgrade max frame rate to 2,000 fps EtherLynx 2000+ (5L420)
5L5K – Upgrade max frame rate to 5,000 fps EtherLynx PRO (5L300)
5L10K – Upgrade max frame rate to 10,000 fps EtherLynx PRO (5L300)
5LFLEX – Upgrade max frame rate to 3,000 fps
with variable image height and resolution
EtherLynx Fusion (5L400)

Image Height and Resolution Chart


Product Version: 3.6.4