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IAAF Olympic Athletics Dividend: 50% Boost Program

Buy a FinishLynx System with your IAAF Dividend & Receive up to 50% Matching Funds Toward the Purchase

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In October 2015 the IAAF announced a new “Olympic Athletics Dividend” program that gives local federations $25,000 a year to help with track & field program development. That means your national Member Federation will have access to $100,000 in funds over the next four years. According to IAAF President Sebastian Coe, the goal of the Dividend program is to help local federations “in designing and implementing structured and sustainable projects to develop athletics in their countries.”

“The idea of this dividend is to help fund projects such as those involving construction, refurbishment or maintenance of facilities; purchase or hire of equipment; preparation and training of athletes, coaches and team officials including travel support; staging of national and regional competitions; and the delivery of development and talent identification programmes in schools and clubs.” – Sebastian Coe

For a limited time, Lynx is offering a 50% match on any Dividend funds used toward the purchase of a FinishLynx athletics package. Packages contain everything you need to produce fully automatic timing and can be customized to meet your needs.

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Invest in Your Athletes & Staff With a Fully Automatic Timing System

Competition Package

How does your local federation plan to use its dividends? If the goal is recruit and train elite athletes and staff members for the national stage, we highly recommend investing in a world-class FinishLynx timing system. The IAAF requires F.A.T. for championship events.  Timing your athletes with photo-finish cameras provides elite-level training and access to IAAF certified results. And training your members how to use FinishLynx could qualify them to work on major IAAF athletics events in the future. The benefits for your Federation include:

  • Capture IAAF certified times to submit for world records
  • Train staff how to time & administer elite-level meets
  • Give young athletes access to world-class timing & training technology
  • Access the same photo-finish cameras used at international championships

Why Put Your IAAF Dividend Toward a FinishLynx System?

FinishLynx photo-finish timing systems are the most popular track & field timing system in the world. Our cameras are used on more finish lines than any other timing system. Join the thousands of other athletics programs who trust their results to FinishLynx and prepare your athletes and staff for world-class meets.

Capture High-Speed Images

Capture High-Speed Images

FinishLynx results are accurate to 1/1000th of a second or more and can integrate with RFID tags & 2-D video for quick evaluation.

Produce IAAF Certified Results

Produce IAAF Certified Results

Produce certified results with photo-finish technology that is trusted by Olympic venues and athletics organizations like the IAAF, USATF, ARAF, and more.

Easy FAT Capture

Easy FAT Capture

Producing photo-finish results is easy with FinishLynx. Capture & evaluate finish times from your computer with 1 click of the mouse.

Integrate Accessories

Integrate Accessories

Integrate other results hardware with FinishLynx, including RFID chips, scoreboards, photo-eyes, wind gauges, false start systems, and much more.

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50% Dividend Boost Sample Purchases

 Dividend Boost – Fine Print

  • Member Federations must provide proof of the IAAF Dividend grant to qualify for the Boost.
  • Boost Program only applies to Athletics Packages – purchase must include at least 1 of the 6 packages
  • Leftover credit may be applied to any product line items, including additional cameras or accessories
  • Lynx reserves the right to adjust the terms of the boost program if necessary

Want to see if your Member Federation qualifies for our IAAF Dividend 50% Match Program? Request more information now.

Already submitted your Dividend proposal this year? Ask about how you could receive a bonus by trading-in your old timing system.

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