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Fully Automatic Timing Systems for US High School Track & Field

Everything You Need to Capture NFHS-Certified Fully Automatic Timing

FinishLynx is a powerful Fully Automatic Timing (FAT) system that captures photo-finish track results accurate to 1/1000th of a second or more. Lynx timing systems are trusted by thousands of high schools across the United States.

Capture FAT with Our Most Popular Photo-Finish Camera

There are six FinishLynx Track & Field packages to choose from, each of which includes the Vision camera. This camera has quickly grown to be the most popular photo-finish camera to date. Just a few of the great features of the Vision include:

  • Full-color photo-finish results images
  • Power-over-Ethernet
  • Advanced power control
  • EasyAlign full-frame video camera alignment mode
  • Customized Upgrade Options
    • LuxBoost low-light amplification
    • Internal battery pack
    • Electronic filter controls
    • Video Display Module (VDM)
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NFHS-Certified Results

NFHS-Certified Results

FinishLynx is the #1 Fully Automatic Timing system in the USA. It’s trusted by 2,900+ high schools across the country.

Precise Photo-Finishes

Precise Photo-Finishes

Lynx cameras capture from 600 fps up to 2,000 fps and all FAT results are accurate to at least 1/1000th of a second with a click of the mouse.

Unparalleled Technical Support

Unparalleled Technical Support

Solutions are just a click or call away with our toll-free technical support and countless online support videos & resources.

Full-Color Results Images

Full-Color Results Images

Every high school track package includes the EtherLynx Vision camera, which captures full-color FAT images by default.

EasyAlign Camera Alignment

EasyAlign Camera Alignment

All timing systems now include EasyAlign, providing a full-frame video preview for easy camera alignment.

Custom & Upgradeable Solutions

Custom & Upgradeable Solutions

Each FinishLynx timing package can be tailored to your individual needs and upgraded at any time as your program grows.

Cross Country Integration

FinishLynx photo-finish cameras integrate seamlessly with RFID chips and video cameras to create a complete Cross Country timing system that improves the speed and accuracy of meet results. Combine photo-finish, video and RFID into a single interface to have the best possible timing solution for every race.

The finish line at a cross country meet can be a confusing place with multiple finishers crossing at the same time. Athletes can finish fractions of a second apart and accurate team scores often depend on individual results. This makes fast and accurate identification crucial for any Cross Country meet.

  • Add peace of mind to your RFID chip timing system with indisputable visual proof
  • FinishLynx technology integrates seamlessly with a number of popular RFID systems
  • FinishLynx software automatically overlays chip read times onto time-stamped photo-finish captures (see GIF below)
IdentiLynx & FinishLynx Evaluation

Tutorial Videos & Online Resources

There are a number of resources available online to assist schools in learning how to use their new system. No matter which High School Package you choose, the Lynx team is dedicated to helping you master the art of capturing photo-finish results.

Fundraise with FinishLynx

Parents and coaches alike know the importance of trophies and photos in youth sports to celebrate athletes’ personal achievements. Luckily, anyone who owns a FinishLynx system already has the ability to capture and preserve these memories which can also bring in some revenue for the sports program.

  • Sell exciting finish line images to proud parents and athletes
  • Print photo-finish images onto t-shirts for a unique souvenir
  • Get local sponsorships from area businesses to help offset some costs

Athletic programs across the country are constantly in need of additional funding. And with a combination of local sponsorships and/or selling photo-finish images to families, the additional revenue can really add to a track program’s bottom line. Even if you’re a small high school, you could be generating hundreds or even thousands of dollars in revenue by selling your photo-finish and/or IdentiLynx images at meets.

“When you go and time a meet, you’re 95% of the way to being able to sell pictures.” 

– Glendon, Brewer Timing

“FinishLynx is a complete timing solution. Unlike other brands of photo-finish, the software is easy to use so even the least technical-minded people quickly pick the operation up.” – Mark S.

“FinishLynx is the best timing solution that I have found. What really stands out about the Lynx system is how versatile it is. I only need one system to handle all my timing needs.” – Nikolas V.

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