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Do you offer on-site training?

Absolutely! Lynx offers training sessions for any new users in the United States, or those looking to advance their Lynx system operation skills. There are a few different training options available depending on your location, schedule, and budget:

  1. Bring in a Lynx Trainer: You can purchase a 2-Day group training session directly from Lynx. A member of our training team will travel to your location and provide a 2-day hands-on seminar at your venue. The cost of this session includes all travel and accommodation costs. There is a 2-day minimum for on-site training, but longer sessions are also available.
  2. Visit the Lynx Offices: You can schedule a training session at the Lynx offices in Haverhill, Massachusetts. A member of our training team will provide training for you or your group. You are responsible for your own travel expenses and there is a “per day” fee for this option
  3. Connect with a local Trainer: We can connect you with a trusted FinishLynx operator from your state and you can work out a training session directly with them. This will certainly save you on travel costs.

Want to learn more or request a training quote? Submit a Training Contact Form now and we will be in touch.