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Why do I get the message “Capture Button Serial Port Unavailable”?

“Capture button serial port unavailable; keyboard capture will be used.”

This common error message can appear when starting your FinishLynx software. If you get this message and you’re using Auto Capture  but not the Capture Button, then no further action is required. You can proceed to running your meet as planned.

If you are using the Capture Button and receive the message above, click here to learn what to do in that instance.

Why does my IdentiLynx load to 32% and then produce “Error 202”?

Some versions of windows require added permissions to enable the IdentiLynx camera. To correct the issue of an IdentiLynx not loading, simply close FinishLynx and run the program as administrator by right-clicking and selecting “Run as administrator” as seen below.

If this does not correct your issue, please check that there are no conflicting IP addresses on your network and contact Lynx technical support if needed.

You can find more solutions and best practices in the IdentiLynx Troubleshooting Guide.

Why do I continue to get the message “Error Aligning a camera”?

When the camera has not booted and the operator clicks on the Red Stop Sign in the upper left corner to access alignment mode, FinishLynx will display this error message.  It signifies that there is no camera available.  Make sure that the camera has booted and the camera information line appears across the top of the FinishLynx screen before attempting to open the Alignment Mode.

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Why do I continue to get an “Error arming event” message even though the RadioLynx is connected and working fine?

Check the Camera Settings | Input tab, set Gun Sensor to None. This turns off the wired start connection. The wired start and wireless start are two separate connections in the system and are independent of each other.

Check that the RadioLynx is configured correctly. Open the Camera Settings | RadioLynx tab and be sure the selected item matches the physical connection of the RadioLynx receiver (C-Box, camera back, radio port etc).

If you need additional help, contact technical support. 

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Why am I getting a camera boot error?

First, replace the Ethernet cables one at a time to eliminate the possibility of a bad cable or a bad connection. If you’re using a multi-port switch, try different connection ports in case there is a loose connection or bad contact.

If the issue still persists, follow our Loading Cameras – Troubleshooting Guide for help loading cameras.

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